Oak Hardwood Floors are the Staple Ingredient to a Great Room

Oak Hardwood Flooring

Before reading this article, imagine an English countryside of the old. Imagine endless meadows and bubbling springs and herds of goats roving the meadows grazing. Now imagine a small English settlement overlooked by a medieval castle with stone walls and oak hardwood floors. Now imagine yourself sitting in an old oak chair in that castle. Feels good, doesn’t it? This is the effect oak hardwood floors have on people and why they are so popular even today.

If you are a member of a gym or any spa or health club you are familiar with the concept of a sauna and steam room. Both these rooms are more or less made from hardwood walls and floors and it is more than often that the oak hardwood floors are used. This is the feasibility of using hardwood floors made from oak. The uses are diverse and the stability desirable. Seldom do any oak hardwood floors disintegrate unless they are part of abandoned castles or old mansions or have just not received the kind of attention that they truly deserve.

What differentiates oak hardwood floors from the other hardwood floors is the effect water has on it. Oak hardwood floors are less prone to shrinkage when in contact with water and hence cases of gaps appearing in the flooring are rare. This is one kind of hardwood floor that is more or less immune to decay and in the case of solid oak wood; it can take generations for the effects of time to show on the wood.

Like any other hardwood flooring, it can only be worth its money if you maintain it. Although compared to other hardwood floors spillages on oak hardwood floors do not leave stains and hence chances of spoilage are low. These floors give a warm and hospitable atmosphere around the room. It’s no surprise that many establishments that cater to entertainment like restaurants, night clubs etc. use predominantly flooring made from hardwood and preferably oak wood.

Recently a friend got oak wood flooring done in the living room of his new house, and during the house-warming party it was quite a sight to see people hovering around mostly the living room area, even though he had an outside pool and Jacuzzi. When you do go and buy oak wood flooring, you have to be well prepared, for it is one of the costliest types of hardwood flooring and the last thing you want to do is sacrifice on quality by acting like a cheap-skate. You don’t want your house to be tagged as a cheap rip-off of an English country house, do you?

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