Hardwood Floor Installation Can be Done by Anyone

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Hardwood floor installation can be done by anyone if you have the technical knowhow, the materials needed, a good nail set and a minimum of five people to help you out. I should thank my lucky stars, for I had my 2 brothers and neighbors to help me out. Hardwood floor installation takes time and it is very important to follow the basic instructions to get the perfect finish and do away with squeaking, loose floors. To begin with, we made sure that the sub floor was even. Since the house was newly built, we did not have any problems with this, but we still checked as I didn’t want to turn my nights in the house into scenes from a scary movie. The next step for hardwood floor installation that we did was to test the moisture content in the house, as the instruction manual clearly specified that the moisture content of the wood and that of the house had to match. To get this we let the wood inside the house for awhile before using it.

If we follow all the instructions, then hardwood floor installation can be done by anyone. The actual installation is a long and complicated process. But if you have the will and get started right, the rest falls smoothly and is a joyride from then on. We sure did have fun, cursing, shouting and at times rolling around in laughter at our mistakes.

It helps that the internet gives you an amazing amount of information on hardwood floor installation. My brothers and I pored over the internet for over a week looking at all the websites. There are a lot of websites that give you details on the things that you need to prepare in your house before hardwood floor installation. They range from the things to buy, where to buy them, places that will give you good deals on the materials, a step by step manual on how to lay floors, things to be done and thing that you should avoid. During hardwood floor installation, it is always important that you buy good branded materials. Cutting costs during installation will eventually reflect on the finished product. Since you do the installation yourself, you mostly end up with time, something that is not possible when you hire contractors. You can take your time deciding on the color and the materials. Some contractors are known to cut deals with the shops and force things that you might not like. My neighbor had this problem and she was the most enthusiastic in supporting me to do the hardwood floor installation ourselves.

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