Oak Hardwood Floors – Affordable Elegance

Oak Hardwood Flooring

Whether your home is brand new and you’re picking out flooring for the first time or you are remodeling an older home, the topic of wood will come up often in the conversation. Although many people opt for the affordability of wall-to-wall carpeting, even the nicest Berbers can’t compare to the elegance of an oak hardwood floor. What makes oak stand out over carpet?

Beautiful as carpet, especially Berber is, dirt, dust and pet dander get caught in the fibers. You could vacuum your carpet weekly or even daily and you’ll never be able to get it all out. It’s no wonder that so many people have bad allergies and are developing asthma. With oak hardwood flooring, not only is there very little maintenance to keep it clean, nothing gets trapped in the grooves of wood. Once they’re glued together, nothing, not even a speck of dirt or a drop of water or juice will get in between the slats of wood. Imagine if you had wall-to-wall and your furry friend came home with a case of the fleas. It will be weeks before you’re able to rid your home of these pests. They get in everything and burrow in carpets. With an oak hardwood floor, once you’ve rid your pet of the disastrous creatures, they’re gone for good!

Environmentally Friendly

One feature that appeals to many homeowners about oak hardwood flooring is that it’s Eco Friendly. And this is no buzzword. For one thing, there’s an abundance of these trees growing up and down the east coast of the United States. It’s not as if there’s a scarcity of this beautiful tree. For another, it’s entirely recyclable. Although you should expect to own your oak hardwood floor for as long as you live in your home, should you ever need or want to rip it out, it can be recycled.

Beautiful and Priced Right

Certainly you’ve heard the expression, “Make a statement without saying a word.” When people enter your home and see the bold and striking statement made by your new oak hardwood floor, they’ll gasp, yes literally gasp! It’s difficult not to notice the stunning impression such elegance makes. People rarely walk into a home that has wall-to-wall carpet and become overtaken by its beauty. Beautiful as it is, it’s not stunning in the same manner that oak hardwood flooring is.

What’s the best part of all the features and attributes of oak hardwood flooring? It’s extremely affordable. For all the elegance and “wow” factor you’ll get from owning such beauty, you’ll be socked at how inexpensive it is. For far less expensive that you can imagine, you too, can have your very own home with oak hardwood floors.

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