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Wet Mops For Hardwood Floors

Oak Hardwood FlooringMy mother loves her hardwood floors more than life itself. The name of the floor is Brazilian Cherry and they're the reason my parents bought the house in the first place. You should see how they shine when they're all polished up. But even though these floors are extremely durable and supposedly easy to maintain, my mother spends almost all of her cleaning time tending to them. She likes to use treated wet mops to clean them. Whenever we have company, she'll use a mop like the ones from Fuller Brush to clean her beloved hardwood floors.

Sometimes she even let me help. I don't mind, really. We get a bucket full of warm water and start to clean. She calls it swabbing the deck. I laugh and she calls me 'matey' or 'squab.' Then she starts singing, 'Yo ho-ho, and a bottle of rum.' We both have a lot of fun and laugh and sing while the floor gets clean. Before we know it the floors are wet and we have to tip toe to the kitchen in our white wet socks. She carries the wet mops after her, wet and wiggling like a squid stuck on the end of a gaff. She says the mops from Fuller Brush may look like something from the bottom of the sea, but they are good for her floor.

On Saturday night, my parents have a party. It's their anniversary and everyone they know stops over to congratulate them. I have to sit at the kids table with Becky Lowe and her annoying little brother, Ralph. Becky keeps smiling at me and blushing as she looks away. My friend Trevor says she has a crush on me and that she wants to give me a big, wet kiss. I couldn't imagine anything more revolting'. I mean, kissing a girl? Everyone comments about how beautiful the floors look. My mother tells everyone how I helped her clean them and how she couldn't have done it without me. I smile and nod my head, but I know it didn't have very much to do with me. Those wet mops really did the trick and we didn't even have to get down on our hands and knees. I guess product like those from Fuller Brush don't even require that you get your hands dirty. Well, that's great for my mom, but I'm a kid, I like to get dirty every once and a while.

Author: The Fuller Brush Company has been in business since 1906, and offers safe, environmentally friendly products for keeping your home and your body clean. Visit fuller-brush-products.com.

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